Expert Witness

ARG Professionals have served as expert witnesses in situations ranging from the value of inventory, the conduct of liquidations, the reliability of financial information, the achievability of forecasts, and business plan review to the ability to continue business. ARG provides clients with the expertise to understand the complexities of each situation to help develop a strong litigation strategy.  In some cases, ARG’s independent, supportable analysis has allowed clients to settle cases without going to court.

Some examples of issues ARG professionals have experience with and are qualified as an expert witness on, include:

  • Business plan review
  • Financial forecast review
  • Valuation of inventory
  • Effectiveness of recovery efforts
  • Diminution in value
  • Effectiveness of management
  • Casualty loss
  • Loss claims
  • Adequacy of plans

Whether litigation is pending or existing, the situation may require a qualified professional to serve as an expert witness to present or oppose evidence submitted to the court. ARG’s team of professionals will provide reliable assistance and credentials that are sure to stand up to the scrutiny of the judicial process.